State politics

Dear Editor: A few weeks ago I was criticized when I stated that the country was in the toilet. Well, here are several things that have happened these past weeks.

Central Basin board member Art Chacon had his driver’s license reinstated after 10 years. Meanwhile, he has been receiving a car allownace of $597 monthly. He insisted he had a driver’s license when asked. His lawyer, General Manager Tony Perez, and a spokesman also stated he had a license. All of these individuals “lied”.

Furthermore, any director who voted to allow Chacon to continue receiving the car allowance violated their oath of office and should be investigated by the District Attorney’s office.

Senate Bills 1210 and 1174, which were approved by both state Sen. Ricardo Lara and Assemblyman Cristina Garcia and awaiting approval by Gov. Jerry Brown, are unbelievable. SB 1210 states that college loans be given to illegal aliens. The citizens of California have already paid for 14 years of education and now they want more. Thirty to 40 percent of individuals do not pay their college loans and college loan debt is now in the trillions.

SB 1174 if signed by Gov. Brown will be put on the ballot in 2016. It allows children to be taught in school in their native language, after the citizens of California voted years ago that all children should be taught in English.

If taught in a different language, they will never be able to read or write in English.

George Hofstetter




Published: Sept. 4, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 21