Texting and driving

Dear Editor: When are people going to obey the law regarding cell phone use, texting and driving? What’s it going to take to teach people to stop doing this while driving? Will it take losing a loved one before they’ll stop?

I would hate to lose a loved one in my life over the person’s so important phone call, or texting, that they can’t just stop and get off the highway and then use their cell phone.

I believe each of us can make a difference. When you see a person on their phone in their car, maybe just blow your horn to get their attention away from that, or just start shaking your head at them.

It’s a constant problem of people crossing over highway lines or weaving on the road, and not obeying the speed limits. I see this as a constant danger to drivers and pedestrians.

Every day that I get on the road I have been faced with these problems. Being a senior driver myself, I have to be so careful watching everything that is going on around me. Who knows, I may have a heart attack just stressing over trying to avoid these distracted drivers.

So you can see why my concerns are problems for everyone. Have you ever come to a stop light that turns green and the driver in front of you is on their phone talking or texting and “sleeps” right through the light? This causes traffic congestion on our streets and highways daily. You hear about people that are hurt or killed, whether they’re driving in town or on the freeways.

So you can see why maybe we need to figure out a way to stop these people from breaking the law of cell phone use while driving. Maybe we need a police taskforce the same way they have drunk driver checkpoints.

What do you think we should do to bring this problem to an end?

Robert Gustafson




Published: June 12, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 09