Yes on Measure O

Dear Editor: I have been a Downey resident for over 35 years and was a Downey Unified School District employee before retiring a few years ago. My two sons went to Rio Hondo Elementary, Griffiths Middle School, and graduated from Warren High School.

While working on-site at different schools, I was able to see first-hand things that I believe should be repaired for the safety and security of our students, staff, and teachers.

In the same way that our homes need regular maintenance and repair, our schools need the same care. Some of our schools were built in the 1950’s and don’t have the required electrical infrastructure to meet the needs of today. Measure O provides the money to take care of these important needs.

Measure O is asking for $248 million to repair and upgrade:

13 elementary schools -- $50 million

4 middle schools -- $120 million

Adult school and Columbus High School -- $5 million

Warren and Downey high schools -- $20 million

Measure O would provide the local control necessary to complete the prioritized projects. Our school district would be able to qualify for state matching funds if the measure passes.

By law, independent citizens oversight and annual public audits would ensure accountability for spending. I don’t have children in our schools anymore but I still want the best for our students, staff and teachers in the DUSD.

Measure O is the future for our kids and the community.

Angie Rademaker




Published: Oct. 16, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 27