Bird discrimination

Dear Editor:Two weeks ago I sent in a brilliant letter suggesting Downey open a bird habitat. I was disappointed that so many people had the nerve to disregard my brilliant idea that would help to grow our economy. This illustrates my point that birds are being discriminated against in Downey, as well as their owners. I mean, seriously, does nobody in this city besides myself like and enjoy the company of birds? They are majestic, beautiful creatures and should not be treated like second class citizens. I do not appreciate this blatant discrimination against my pet birds. They deserve better! All you dog owners take all the privileges you enjoy in this city for granted, whereas I have to struggle to find a place where my poor birds can stretch their tired wings. In recent weeks I have been the victim of irresponsible dog owners allowing their dogs to "go" on my lawn; I have even stepped in it. My birds have never been that disrespectful or careless. Please let me plea to open the doors for other pets in Downey that have also been overlooked and discriminated against and their owners. We should band together and let our voices be heard. Yunhee Chae Downey

********** Published: Oct. 31, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 29