City spending $1.2M on street repairs

DOWNEY - More than five miles of crumbling residential streets will be repaired after the City Council this week approved spending $1.2 million on fixes. City officials used computer software to evaluate, rank and prioritize Downey streets based on surface conditions and structural strength. The formula was used to choose 25 residential street segments for resurfacing.

Sequel Contractors Inc., based in Santa Fe Springs, was the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, officials said. The firm has completed similar work in Downey, Tustin, Upland and Pico Rivera.

Work is scheduled to begin in September and should be substantially complete by December, officials said.

Here is a list of streets chosen for repairs:

3rd Street (from Lakewood to its westerly end) Alameda Road (between Patton and Lakewood) Arnett Street (between Julius and Old River) Bixler Avenue (between Century and Downey Avenue) Boyne Street (from Brookshire to westerly cul-de-sac) Brookmill Road (between Rives and Paramount) Comolette Street (from Samoline to east cul-de-sac) DePalma Street (between Paramount and Downey) Dolan Avenue (between Lyndora and Borson) Elm Vista Drive (from Bellflower to east cul-de-sac) Florence Avenue frontage road (between Bellder and Birchdale, and between Sideview and Pico Vista) Haledon Avenue (between Florence and Charloma) Hall Road (between Bellflower and Woodruff) Lyndora Street (between Dolan and Brookshire) Mattock Avenue (between Quinn and Muller) Melva Street (between Rives and Paramount) Myrtle Street (between 3rd and 5th) Orizaba Avenue (between Florence and Dinsdale) Pangborn Avenue (between Cecilia and Florence) Patton Road (between Alameda and Stewart & Gray) Priscilla Street (from Corrigan to the east cul-de-sac, and from Dolan to the east cul-de-sac) Quinn Street (from Pangborn to Mattock) Yankey Street (from Sarabeth to Rives)

Meanwhile, the City Council also agreed to a plan to apply slurry seal on roadways in northwest Downey.

Slurry seal is a mixture of asphalt emulsion, water, mineral filler and other composites that is poured over cracked and aging roadway. It seals the pavement and defers more extensive and costly repairs.

The seal has already been applied to most of the city. The last quadrant remaining is Area D, which is roughly the area north of Firestone and west of Downey Avenue.

Cost to apply slurry seal is about $300,000. A detailed cost estimate will be available when the contract is awarded at a future date.

********** Published: Aug. 15, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 18