Downey bocce player wins national title

DOWNEY - Downey resident and longtime Downey Bocce Club member Amadio "Pops" Egizii, with fellow husband and wife team members Colleen Randazzo and Tony Randazzo of the Martinez CA Bocce Club, captured the first place title and gold medals at the 2013 Las Vegas Bocce Open Tournament, which was held Veterans Day weekend.

Sixteen 3-member teams, including several national and world bocce champions, gathered from across the continent for the tournament, including from as far away as Canada, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Arizona.

Ironically, Amadio's original teammates dropped out of the tournament and the Randazzos couldn't find a third member so, after corresponding with tournament organizers Theresa Robarge (president of Downey Bocce Club) and brothers Frank and Guy De Santis (president of 4S Rancho Bernardo and Mt. Vernon/Yonkers, NY Bocce Clubs, respectively), they agreed to form and play as a team.

Not only had they never met prior to the tournament nor ever practiced together, they had also not communicated with each other, as Amadio speaks only Italian and Spanish, while the Randazzos speak only English.

"It was quite an accomplish under the circumstances, and a proud moment for sure," said Theresa Robarge.