Get healthy and reclaim your life

As a personal trainer and a health expert, I have helped people change their lives for many years.In my early years being an elite athlete in my native Australia, I was the classic athlete who trained hard, never rested enough and ate poorly. I had so many health issues, both training and non-training related. It all came to a head when I was 28 and my body simply gave up. I was a sugar junk eating breads, pastas, soda and fast foods regularly in my diet. I always thought, "I train, I will burn it off," and up to that stage I had. I had always suffered from joint inflammation and fat gain around my mid section. I had issues with low testosterone, which effected my libido. My body was a mess with aches and pains all day, feeling tired and lethargic, moody all the time. My body was stressed and my blood was inflamed and at 28 I was thinking, "Is this how the rest of my life was going to be?" Simply put, my diet of high sugar, low fat and moderate protein was just not cutting it anymore. At the time, I owned a health food store and was a personal trainer so I had access to everything I needed to fix my issues, but I was relying on medication from the doctor. These pills only masked my issues, took away the pain but never fixed anything. After some helpful advice and research, I realized that not one pharmaceutical drug is naturally produced in the human body. The human body requires vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. My body was like a wet sponge: with my training I was wringing my body out but with my poor diet I was not refilling my sponge; it became drier and drier until it broke. I had to learn about nutrition because the medications were making me feel worse. It took about six months but by cleansing my body and changing my eating habits and lifestyle, I got my health back and now I don't see doctors nor use any medications. The best health system for me comes from healthy food sources. Traditional eating, such as Paleo-style which takes us back to thousands of years ago, helped me amp up my metabolic rate to lose eight pounds in a week. It also woke up my hormones, elevated my body's natural inflammation (so no back pain, no lower leg pain, no fluid retention) and my face looks like I lost five years of aging. Bottom line: I got my life back. And it was easy to do and I realize how many other people were in the same boat as me. Now I can show them how to get their lives back too.

Benjamin Artz is a personal trainer at Core Fusion Fitness gym in Downey. Follow his daily messages on Facebook at ARTZ FIT by Benjamin Artz.

********** Published: Aug. 8, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 17