Group leading talk on racial, ethnic boundaries

DOWNEY - "Beyond Racial, Ethnic and Nationalist Boundaries" is the topic of a community discussion taking place this Sunday at 10:30 a.m.The discussion is part of an ongoing series sponsored by the Downey Baha'i community. "In this region of so much diversity, how can we progress beyond these artificial boundaries," said Marcella Barba-Olmos, one of the organizers of the series. "How can we advance toward greater love towards our brothers and sisters in the human family? We'll have a chance to talk about both spiritual and practical steps that we can take to build unity in diversity." Anyone interested in exploring philosophical, social and spiritual topics of relevance to the local, national and global community is invited to participate in the discussions. Future topics may involve issues such as gender equality, violence, peace, poverty, justice, unity, prayer and meditation, world religions and cultures, current events, books and films. The Baha'i faith is an independent worldwide religion founded in 1844, and based on the teachings of the prophet and founder Baha'u'llah. Its major principles include "the oneness of humanity, elimination of prejudices, equality of men and women, world peace, independent investigation of truth, harmony of science and religion, and mandatory education." To RSVP for the discussion or for more information, including the location, call Merie at (409) 210-5087or e-mail

********** Published: Nov. 7, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 30