Independent voters

Dear Editor:As an independent voter since 1995 (no party actually wants me), it's disheartening for me to see certain school board challengers using party affiliation as a means of swaying voters. In Downey (both city and schools), our voters have consistently chosen superb elected officials on the basis of the commitment to our children, to our community, and to our future. It has rarely been partisan. Although it is commonplace with city council elections, I am seeing it for the first time in this local school board election. Even though we don't share a political party, I am a proud supporter of our DUSD school board members: Martha Sodetani, Nancy Swenson and Barbara Samperi. I don't think Downey voters need a political party to tell them whether these fine ladies have consistently made our children a top priority. We already know the answer to that is a resounding "yes!" I believe some of you are already beginning to receive your absentee ballots in the mail. If you need more information about the candidates, ask around and see what opinions are shared with you about Barbara, Martha and Nancy. They have admirably served us and are asking for our fair consideration in each of their re-election campaigns. If you hear anything other than great things about them, please shoot me an email. I'm sure they were talking about someone else. Do not take this election for granted. The typical low-voter turnout in these elections makes every vote that much more important. In a presidential election, our votes are much more watered down. You will see the effect of your voting power next month. You, your family and your friends can definitely "move the needle" in favor of the right candidates. I encourage you to mail in your absentee ballot now, or to prioritize going to the precinct polls on Tuesday, November 5. I'm confident that your opinion will be the same as mine. It's Sodetani in District 1, Swenson in District 5, and Samperi in District 7. Kirk Cartozian Former mayor Downey

********** Published: Oct. 17, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 27