Irony of pro-life

Dear Editor:I am not a writer and I rarely open the Patriot newspaper planning to do much more than comment about the editorials to myself. However, last week's one-sided responses to abortion agitated me to the point of action. I was hardly able to finish reading the comments without pondering the ironies associated with many of these self-proclaimed "pro-life" Christians. Am I the only person who finds it ironic how the people who concern themselves so much with the beginning of life are the same people who are against any kind of social assistance for these children once they are born? So, they love the embryo/fetus, but not so much the child. If they are truly pro-life, they should also be advocates for providing healthcare for all, since a life without health is hardly a life. A further irony is that these are often the same people who are vocal advocates for the death penalty and gun rights while failing to see that these positions go against any and all forms of life. If you are truly pro-life, your position must be unconditional. Those who conveniently label themselves as such must remind themselves that this should encompass all people; children born into poverty, the working poor, criminals on death row, the homeless, and victims of AIDS. I suggest that they listen to a song by Everlast titled "What It's Like": "God forbid you ever had to walk a mile in their shoes, then you really might know what it's like." Meanwhile, I am sending my monthly donation to Planned Parenthood, for many, the only means of attaining contraceptives, HIV testing, vaccines and other reproductive healthcare, not just abortions. M. Padilla Downey

********** Published: Aug. 8, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 17