Needless war

Dear Editor:As an old veteran of World War II and a veteran of the Korean War, it is apparent our President and several of our politicians with nothing better to do are intent on getting us involved in another war. We seem to enjoy periods of war. We are ready to fight them anytime, anywhere, for any reason. Most of us yearn for peace but it seems we only enjoy peace for short periods of time before we fight again. War is a losing proposition. They are costly in human lives. Trillions of dollars are lost. Visit the VA hospital in Long Beach and observe veterans passing by showing the terrible results of the many wars we have fought. I observed my father, a veteran of the Spanish American War (1898), two uncles of World War I (1916), my brother and other relatives of World War II (1941) spend their lives dealing with the mental and physical injuries of those long ago forgotten wars. Very soon some of our politicians, if they have their way, will involve us in another war in a location few of us know for reasons unknown to most of us. Byron Dillon Downey

********** Published: Sept. 12, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 22