Postal service

Dear Editor:I'm sharing my experience that I recently had at the Downey main post office on Firestone Boulevard. One busy mid-morning, I stopped in for a change of address packet/envelope. As I looked around the office, I could not find any that were accessible. I asked a postal worker behind the counter for one and was told to stand in line. I then waited patiently to speak to the second and only other postal worker available. Avoiding the line, I waited for the transaction to be completed with the customer before myself. I was then able to ask the same question and I was told the very same, "You need to stand in line." In this case the postal associate explained to me while the packet was in hand, hovering over the countertop, that this was not "standard practice." Can't we please have this item available to new residents without standing in line? Nobody needs the bad attitude that I received from each of these workers. I don't think it is asking too much for them to change their character to hand one politely. Denise Lerma Downey

********** Published: Sept. 12, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 22