Rude commentary

Dear Editor:Carol Kearn's letter regarding Mr. Christon's comments about Andrew and Joy Wahlquist was spoken very eloquently and to the point. ("Soul of a City," Letters to the Editor, 8/8/13) These two do not deserve his characterizations. They have managed to bring together like minded people in this community in a way no one else has for years. They are to be lauded not lambasted. Mr. Christon mentions two people whom he would like to see involved, but where are they? How have they contributed to Downey's community ? Does he mention them as candidates or just people he happens to know? For the most part I have been entertained by Mr. Christon's "Soul" articles but now I begin to question why there's so much criticism and not much cure in his words. He has brought to our consciousness truths we might not want to acknowledge about our city. God knows my blood pressure rises when I think about our Downey Theatre, the Civic Light Opera and the fact that they will not acknowledge Mr. Hume's contributions, but to then complain that the people who actually are doing something is not good enough is just unkind and rude. Pauline Hume Downey

********** Published: Aug. 15, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 18