Select enforcement

Dear Editor:I would like to know why it is OK for people to break the law and park on Paramount Boulevard on Saturdays in order to go to the swap meet at Warren High. It is incredibly difficult to exit DePalma Street onto Paramount on Saturdays due to the fact that so many people are illegally parked, which blocks the view of anybody trying to turn right or left onto Paramount Boulevard. Why do the police and parking enforcement turn a blind eye to this problem? I guess it will take a horrible car accident or a pedestrian being run down before our police and parking enforcement will decide to enforce our parking laws. Why bother even posting signs that prohibit parking if you are going to turn a blind eye when it is convenient for them? I would also like to know why Code Enforcement turns a blind eye to complaints that are very reasonable. There is an empty lot on Downey Avenue between Primrose Lane and Florence Avenue that is overgrown with weeds, full of trash and has an empty swimming pool that I would assume is full of mosquitoes by now. I have called Code Enforcement on numerous occasions to report the mess and nothing has been done in years now. I have to ask who owns this property and what blackmail have they got on this city that they are allowed to keep their very own landfill without being cited? This is not the only empty lot of its kind in Downey. Why is this tolerated by Code Enforcement, but when my 90-year-old neighbor had her Christmas lights up for more than two weeks after New Year's Day, she was cited? It seems to me that our police, parking and code enforcements should be enforcing our laws and codes or just do away with them altogether if they are going to pick and choose what to enforce. Matt Millard Downey

********** Published: Oct. 17, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 27