Van Leuven

Dear Editor:It would be refreshing if we could hear anything but venom coming out of the mouth of the infamous Elsa Van Leuven. Why not just give her her own column entitled "I'm Always Right Even if Logic and Facts Prove Me Wrong" or "Nearsighted - The Elsa Van Leuven Column." Shelly Wilson Downey

Dear Editor: It figures that Mike Sandoval would be in complete agreement with the "truths" disseminated by Elsa Van Leuven in her letters. He is the gentleman whose repeated letters to the Patriot question the "truth" that American astronauts actually landed on the moon. Oh well, we can always use some comic relief here in Downey. Jack Russell Downey

Dear Editor: In response to Frank Kearns' letter to the editor: Guess he's going to blame George Bush for everything, too. What I wish those responding to my letters would address is the issues. Few do. One recent letter said I wanted to cut spending but supported the space program. Point well taken. I do believe much technology and medical discoveries were made in this program, but a lot of money was spent on it. President Obama's programs are not only socialistic, but progressive, which scares me. Government employees who collect all personal info for healthcare and have no training or background checks are on video telling people not to report all income to the federal government so they will qualify for free healthcare. I do not want government deciding my healthcare. Our premiums will increase dramatically for a program they have had three years to develop and it isn't working. Not only that, we have been lied to over and over by the president, period. There are the 16,000 new IRS employees for whom we will have to pay salaries and their pensions. Also government employees get their healthcare subsidized by the government. Yes, Nancy and all the Democrats in Congress who voted for this and their staffs, President Obama and family and staff and the Supreme Court, family and staff all have their healthcare subsidized. I don't believe any president has even come close to the amount of debt put on us by President Obama - we now owe $17 trillion, most of which was spent on his watch. How much more in the next three years? Those who voted for President Obama - do you approve of his lie regarding Benghazi, supported by Hillary and Susan Rice, telling us for two weeks that it was caused by some movie hardly anyone had ever heard of? Now, well after a year, we learn that support requested by those in Benghazi was turned down and that 35 more would have been killed if two men had not disobeyed the "stand down" order and went to save them. Did you like Eric Holder's not prosecuting the New Black Panther party, intimidating voters, or the Fast and Furious program that sent guns to Mexican drug cartels, and his suing Texas and Arizona for protecting and enforcing laws to prevent illegal entries? Or the IRS's expensive vacation (conference) or their being selective to prevent groups who opposed President Obama getting permits, who are now suing the IRS because of discrimination. Did you like the poor performance of the Veteran's Administration while our vets waited to receive help as the VA was so far behind or the NSA spying on U.S. citizens? Could you name one country that has socialized medicine who likes it? Why do Canadians come here to get needed surgeries? Does Mr. Kearns like the idea that millions have lost their health insurance, as has my nephew, who is suffering from kidney failure and shingles and can't go to the recommended specialist? I'm sorry I interrupted Mr. Russel's morning so badly he needed a barf bag, because I cannot only sympathize with him, but I also empathize with him. It's the same sick feeling I get when I hear another lie and more deception from President Obama and his minions, i.e., Pelosi and Harry Reid and the rest who cover for him. Elsa Van Leuven Downey

********** Published: Dec. 12, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 35