Veterans Day

Dear Editor:Monday, Nov. 11, is a time to fly our flag. Post it at dawn, just as the first rays of the sun steak across the morning sky. It's a time to recall those who never came home, those who continue to suffer from the wounds of war, and to those who were lucky enough to return without injury. At dusk carefully and slowly lower the flag then fold and store it. Veterans Day is America's day for saying thanks to those who served our country. It seems we always have a war going somewhere, sometime. Our current engagement is winding down with the loss of thousands of lives and at a cost of billions of dollars. World War II resulted in an estimated 50-85 million fatalities worldwide. It was the largest war the world has ever seen and most likely will ever see again. Several million served in uniform during that war but now only a fraction are still alive. We are passing away at the rate of over 1,000 per day. Soon the last member of that war will pass quietly into history. Byron Dillon Downey

Dear Editor: I am taking this moment to express my loyal tribute to all of America's heroes and veterans of all wars Americans have fought in to preserve our freedom. It is very fitting and honorable that we are able to thank all of them for their sacrifice and service. I, for one, am forever grateful to all of them. America's finest saved this entire world from domination, slavery and even death from evil leaders of foreign countries, such as Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Hirohito in World War II. They were his partners in this crime of war conquest. You will never find that statement in the ultra liberal history books of America. Yes, you read me right, I said America saved this whole world as I saw it take place. When the blitzkrieg forces of Hitler's war machine conquered many European countries, and took on England, we were not directly engaged, but we aided England by giving them much war material to fight back as Germany was bombing them from above with bombs, fire and V-2 rocket buzz bombs on the ground. Englanders fought back heroically to survive. It was Emperor Hirohito's Imperial forces that bombed Pearl Harbor that brought us to be fully engaged in WWII. Our Merchant Marine ships supplied all of our allies from Europe to the wide Pacific theater of war operations as we committed 100 percent, supplying them with guns, ammunition, planes, tanks, food, medicines and military manpower of our finest young men. Our women flew planes to England and were nurses to our wounded military. Many of our Merchant Marine ships were sunk by German submarines, or U-boats as they were called. The cold Atlantic Ocean was their final resting place. We were fighting on many fronts, from Europe, Italy, Africa, to many islands in the Pacific. D-Day, June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France was the pathway to eventually defeating Hitler after many furious battles. In the Pacific, many islands had to be conquered first, and the waters ran red with the blood of our heroes, America's finest. Two atomic bombs made the Japanese surrender. We should never forget the price our finest paid for our freedom and saving the world. Thank you, families, who gave them to us for your sacrifice too. So fly your American flags proudly in their honor and memory. Thank you, heroes and veterans, for saving this world for all of us Americans. Joe Cvetko Bellflower

********** Published: Nov. 7, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 30