Woes of government

Dear Editor:Congratulations, America! At this writing, we have just passed $17 trillion in spending debt. But I must say that so many in America are ungrateful and have no manners. They are negligent in saying "thank you." For instance, not one Democrat in Congress nor their aides have thanked the American people for subsidizing 72 percent of their healthcare, opting themselves out of Obamacare, which they inflicted on us. And neither have the unions, big business nor thousands who have opted out. Nancy Pelosi is the only one who said "thank you." She thanked president Obama for ordering the mall in D.C. to be opened for thousands of illegals to demonstrate while it was closed to the veterans who protected and fought for our country. But strangely we found out that it cost more to close the government down than to keep it open. Then there are the 800,000 government workers who were furloughed to save money but now, again, we learn that they were paid unemployment insurance and will be reimbursed by the government - translation: a "paid vacation." Russian President Vladimir Putin has not said "thanks" for Obama's closing down our space program but we must pay $60,000 to Russia to "hitch a ride with them." The only one to say "thank you" for the food stamp money was the 32-year-old surfer who chose not to work, but bought lobster and shrimp and lived off others. This program doubled under Bush and doubled again under Obama; now $78 billion and growing. Our government spends $100 billion a month over the receipts received from taxes, and in three weeks we will have another battle over spending - and Pelosi said "we can't find anything more to cut." Sounds like I'm picking on her, but she and Joe Biden are the only ones to speak such foolishness. Did Obama say "thanks" to the Republicans who caved? No, he said, 'if you want your programs, win the election." He is without a doubt the most narcissistic, prideful and arrogant person I've ever seen. Remember, pride goes before a fall. The problem is that unless this over-spending stops, we will all fall with him. The problem with Obamacare is it isn't about our health, it's about power. Just look at all the programs of which the government is in control: health, food stamps, subsidized housing, "earned" income tax credit, federal grant money - all these programs that confiscate our money to redistribute wealth, yet no one seems to be better off, so we just dream up another program and go deeper into debt. That's how they gain power - buying votes. If you want money, go to the politicians! I say, bring on the Tea Party. they won a victory from taxes in England, now we need someone to save America from the federal government's tax and spending. Wish the Downey Patriot would start a column whereby citizens could send in wasteful spending of our government. Also wish we had politicians who have the moral integrity to really represent our citizens and not their own interests. Dream on, Elsa! Elsa Van Leuven Downey

Dear Editor: I'd like to express my most profound displeasure at recent news events which have occurred because of President Obama and his administration. He is the worst president I have ever seen in my long lifetime of 86 years. As a World War II veteran, I would never follow this Politician in Chief in any battle, or even a trip to an ice cream parlor. I can't respect the office if I don't respect the present occupant in chief. Respect has to be earned. Disgusting is mild among my thoughts. His recent inaction of not willing to negotiate with duly elected U.S. representatives has led to denial of burial benefits to families of recent casualties of war servicemen who served our country so honorably that they gave up their lives for all us, and closing off the people's WWI memorial to veterans, while allowing illegal aliens to stage a protest on the Mall of America, demanding amnesty after trespassing illegally into the United States. President Obama must think he is king of the U.S. but he's not, nor ever will be. What a lousy slap in the face to those who saved this entire world from domination and slavery and conquest by evil dictators. Yes, I said the entire world, and you won't find that statement in our liberalized history books of America. It was the way I saw it during and after the big war of 1941-45. Our Merchant Marine was supplying all of our Allies, from Europe, England and the Asian Pacific theater of war, with so much war material, such as guns, planes, ammunition, tanks, medicines, food and anything else that was needed, including our finest service personnel of all branches of service. Brave women ferried airplanes over to England to help them fight off the Nazi forces that was slowly destroying that country with V2 rockets and shellfire, and nightly bombings by the Lutwaffe planes. German U-boats took many of our ships to the bottom of the cold Atlantic Ocean. We were fighting on many fronts from England, Europe, Italy, Africa and so many islands in the Pacific on our way to conquer the Japanese empire and Hitler. Our brave servicemen gave up their lives for the U.S., and the world would remain free from conquest, domination and slavery at the hands of evil leaders hell bent on world conquest. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants - legal immigrants - who gave up their sons and daughters to fight and keep us and the world free. Not today, because if one thing stood out in Washington, D.C., it is slowly but surely becoming a nation of illegal immigrants, demanding rights and benefits that only true Americans should have. We are becoming a United Nations of America, just by changing our laws to benefit the illegal invasion of America. Think about it. When 20 million or more of any ethnic group trespass into your country, that is not immigration, that is an invasion of people who want to take over your country. A nation that cannot protect itself from domestic trespass cannot ever hope to protect itself from enemy invasion. Homeland Security is a national joke. We protect other countries borders but not ours. The "Dummycrats" are mostly to blame for this fiasco. Gov. Brown gives them the right to drive here; what's next, a car at the border for them after trespassing in? Rotten politicians would sell their soul to the devil if it meant they could stay in power forever. I'd rather stand for something than fall for nothing. Joe Cvetko Bellflower

********** Published: Oct. 24, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 28