Year of adventure

Dear Editor: I read Eric Pierce's article over my morning coffee. (Introduction, "A Year to Remember," 12/12/13) I thoroughly enjoyed the account of his 2013 year of adventure. Your vivid description had me vicariously aboard your Impala making the sojourn to Camelback Ranch, where I learned of Yasiel Puig, the up and coming Dodgers star that peaked my interest in the game.

I was intrigued at the possibility that one day I may also explore New York City on foot for 24 hours, and pause to pay homage at the World Trade Center.

Then shifting gears to an island in Hawaii, sidestepping roosters and witnessing spontaneous summer showers falling like anticipating blessings in paradise, followed by majestic rainbows. I catch my breath. Again, heaven smiles on you, at the Dodgers game where you are treated with theatrical, electrifying, joyful moments.

Aside from enjoying the appealing account of your 2013 adventures, I want you to know that you have given me food for thought. The holidays have been especially difficult for me, as I suspect is true for many people. But, after reading what you took away from all your wonderful travel experiences, I was inspired to take a leap of faith, to step out of my life's bubble; open myself up to new possibilities and experiences, to a Safari Life.

"Each day on a safari life is lived to the fullest because it is all that is guaranteed us." Of course, gratitude is accentual.

Too blessed to be depressed,

Yolanda Adele Norwalk

********** Published: Dec. 19, 2013 - Volume 12 - Issue 36