Beyond the pundits

Dear Editor:Ms. Elsa Van Leuven's Letter to the Editor deserves a response ("Obama's Change, 3/27/08). She offered no alternative suggestions, just mere criticism of President Obama, who has been in office for a little more than 60 days. We're in this mess because individuals like her sat back and said nothing while this financial crisis was unfolding, accepted eight years of no oversight or regulation, and supported a president that abdicated his responsibilities to others and lacked the skills for analytical thoughts and failed to take steps to address the problems that were in the public's view showing trouble brewing. As a resident of this city, I watched numerous banks and mortgage brokers write countless sub-prime loans. Was she complaining about them? It's easy to pass judgment on a new president who must address two badly managed wars, a failing economy that was long in the making, and offer no constructive suggestions other than to list items that in your view are wasting taxpayers' money. This mess started as far back as Reagan and has been moving towards calamity through the Bush administration. I agree in part with one statement Leuven made: there are jokers in Washington, but they are far outnumbered by Republicans than Democrats. I do support a president that is technology-wise and uses it, and I support any opportunity to hear him discuss what direction he's going in, be it through Leno or other sources. We cannot rebuild our country overnight. We all have to sacrifice and start thinking. If you have complaints, make them to Congress and register with the White House your concerns, but I suggest Leuven start learning more about what brought us to the edge of a cliff before she starts blaming a man who had nothing to do with the mess we're in today. Our local library has numerous books that are written by independent thinkers and observers. Expand your mind beyond the pundits that want us to believe this is all Obama's fault. Know who the players are and how they benefited over the past 30 years. - Jacki Michaels, Downey

Dear Editor: The Obama detractors certainly have short memories. Again, it was a previous administration that introduced the stimulus package as well as the bailout. It was an earlier administration that allowed bandits to pillage companies by instituting "deregulation." And what about the "trickle down theory"? If people at the top do well, then that benefits the "little man" down at the bottom. Is your home as valuable as it used to be? Are you getting the same interest rates on your savings and CDs and 401(k)? Are you doing well in the stock market? I have the feeling that if President Obama were able to part the waters of the Red Sea, find a cure for all the diseases of the world, end famine and bring world peace, that would not be enough. They would deny he did it or blame him because he didn't do enough. I'll bet their heads are exploding over the trip to Europe. Could the anger directed toward this man be more than political bias? - Lois Rossi, Downey

********** Published: April 3, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 50