Clarifies opinion

Dear Editor:I am deeply dismayed to find that at least one person misunderstood my comments about Tina Vasquez's articles and U.S. immigration policy. ("Respect Our Laws," 4/5/12) Nowhere did I advocate or endorse breaking any law. I am urging that we change our laws so that they are more charitable and humane. I appreciate living in a country that recognizes our "inalienable rights" to free speech and participation and representation in government. With these rights come responsibilities, and I do feel that we have a moral imperative to exercise these responsibilities to help develop a humane and charitable solution to the immigration problem. The U.S. contributes to Mexico's problems in many ways, and we must change our behavior. For starters, I propose that we all urge our representatives to allow more of the Colorado River water to reach the delta in Mexico as it did 100 years ago. It does not seem fair to me that we divert water just because we can. Many farmers and fishermen had to leave the Colorado delta area in Mexico and become economic refugees once we diverted the water. Restoring the flow of water will improve economic conditions in that part of Mexico. Thank you, Downey Patriot, for allowing me to clarify my opinion. Carol Kearns, Downey

********** Published: April 12, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 52