Coyote threats

Dear Editor: Monday morning, my beautiful outside cat, Mr. Sox, who never leaves my front yard, was not at the door when I opened it in the morning. I knew something was terribly wrong. No Mr. Sox all day long -- unheard of.

I saw the coyote cross in our front yard that evening. He made eye contact and moved swiftly, silently on. It was immediately clear why Mr. Sox never came home.

SEAACA will verify that Downey has coyotes prowling the streets in the evenings. They come down the riverbed. SEAACA will not respond to coyote sightings. Read tips for dealing with wildlife on their website,

Please warn Downey residents to bring all small pets inside at night and attend them if they go out in the evening. Coyotes can jump 10-ft. walls -- and they are hungry.

Sandy Crosetto




Published: May 7, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 04