Immigration law

Dear Editor:Tina Vasquez, in "Alabama's HB 56: Seeing Its Effect In Person" (3/15/12), describes her discomfort as a Mexican-American in a small, rural Alabama town. Does she consider how a Scots-Irish resident of Appalachia would feel if plopped down in the middle of Chiapas, even if they could speak Spanish? Plus, HB-56 doesn't sound so far off from how the Mexican government treats their own "illegals" from Central America, and a whole bunch better than how a "resident alien" in Mexico is treated if perchance he or she voices a political opinion. -- Drew Kelley, Downey

Dear Editor: A high-ranking Mexican official announced from Mexico City that Hispanics have a culture of ignoring rules and regulations. They have ignored our immigration laws and have flooded some of our states. Now we are supposed to accept them with open arms. Instead, we are the "bad guys" because we want them to return home and then immigrate to our country legally. We are even worse because we want to break up families. Children brought to this country by their illegal immigrant parents are citizens of the country of origin and must apply to immigrate just as their parents must apply. Those children that are born here of illegal immigrants have dual citizenship. They can return with their parents to the country of origin and enjoy full citizenship. Stop blaming U.S. citizens because we want our immigration laws respected. We hate a double standard and that is what pro-illegal immigrant people want us to accept, ignoring our rules and regulations. -- Frank Myers, Downey

********** Published: March 22, 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 49