Job openings in D.C.

Dear Editor: Our beloved President is now telling us that we must address the grievances of the Islamic terrorists, and Jan Psaki (just promoted to the White House as a spokesman) and Marie Harf (State Department) say we can’t kill them -- we must find jobs for them.

Well, there is going to be an opening at the White House in less than two years and they have said they will fly the Islamic flag over the White House, so there is a possibility.

But who could take Joe Biden’s office? None of them seem to be too fun-loving, but every court needs a jester. Barbara Boxer is leaving so there is another possibility. I’d like to see someone else in Nancy Pelosi’s place. Never mind if they don’t speak English, the Democrats don’t read the bills anyways.

However, I’d advise against applying at Southern California Edison because they are importing 500 HIB’ to take the place of the American workers just as soon as they train the HIBs, because they work cheaper. I just can’t wait for my electric bill to go down!

I must keep this short, but if any of you reading this have any ideas, I’m sure they would be appreciated. Maybe you could give them your job and you could stay home and collect unemployment insurance, go on food stamps and get unearned “Earned Income Tax Credit” refunds and I’m sure there are other government giveaway programs available to all.

Elsa Van Leuven




Published: Feb. 26, 2015 - Volume 13 - Issue 46