Letter to the Editor: Be kind to your neighbors

Dear Editor: 

I find the thinking in the recent editorial titled "In Defense of Illegal Fireworks" quite disturbing. It appears to suggest that our freedoms ought to be used to engage in anarchy – that, because it is a holiday that it is somehow a duty or requirement to be unlawful.

In addition, I guess that we should also completely dispense with, ignore and intentionally violate the golden rule: “Do not do unto others, that which you would not invite others to do unto you.”

So if you do not invite others to come over to your house and create a heart-stopping, nerve-wracking noise, (of their choosing) whenever they feel like it, then why do you do it to others?
So if you do not invite others to come over to your house to litter your yard and swimming pool with whatever debris they so desire, why do you do it to others? Oh that's right – you have freedoms!

We will not make America great again for the simple reason that there are simply not any longer enough great people in America to cause this. In our own various ways, we just don't care about self governing our personal lives and live by this simple but all encompassing rule/principle.

In contrast, there seems to be an unwritten alternative American golden rule that says: “If you can get away with it, then trespass all you want.” (Apparently this is what freedoms are for.)
Especially, annoy people in all the little ways that you can get away with. Let your dogs bark hundreds of times each day, make sure you have loud mufflers, loud motorcycles, loud booming sound systems in your cars, have extra loud backyard parties, litter all you want, break beer bottles all over our streets, and especially, spit your gum and throw your cigarette butts wherever you damn well please. Whatever you do, don't become mature – as this might reduce your selfish freedoms.

Who invites people over to their house to litter their front yard or front porch or living room or bedroom? Would you like someone to start doing this because they have freedoms and because they can get away with it?

Living according to this one simple rule is what would make the world great, harmonious, full of thoughtful kindness, and much more goodwill towards others. We would have great societies because we would uniformly have great people. However, it is quite obvious to many of us that this is not what is wanted anymore by what is becoming a huge percentage of people. Apparently, it is okay to do anything you selfishly want to, simply because America has a holiday, or simply because you live in America – and simply because you can get away with it.

Are we going to be nice and kind, or are we going to inflict trauma, disturb and annoy, and take advantage of others - because we can get away with it?

“Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society” Aristotle.

Jim Beaming