Letter to the Editor: Demon Democrats

Dear Editor:

Who has the JV team? Is it not the Democratic Party? 

Who is bringing in the refugees and trying to fool us into believing the lie that they have been property vetted? The FBI nor the Attorney General can properly vet or investigate Hillary Clinton. Loretta Lynch met “privately” with Bill to discuss grandchildren and anyone who believe this -- I have a beautiful yacht on the coastline in the Saudi Arabian desert that I’d like them to have. 

This is the only time this has happened. There is always a staffer present. So were they discussing letting Hillary off the email scandal, or perhaps the Clinton Foundation? 
President Obama and the Democrats are trying to take guns. Was it a gun that killed the 3,000 in the Twin Towers, or the bomber in the Boston Marathon or now the French people celebrating Bastille Day, mowed down by a truck? Maybe the Democrats should outlaw trucks or airplanes. 

Or maybe we need some people in high offices who aren’t on the JV team. We should not let one more refugee in this country. Ben Carson has the solution -- send food, tents, etc. over there. It wouldn’t cost us nearly as much as supporting them here for the rest of their lives. You know refugees have the same rights as U.S. citizens. 

I can’t believe anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Even those who would receive someone else’s money would have the intelligence to realize that this money will run out and who is going to pay the $20 trillion debt? For heaven’s sake, wake up and smell the coffee, if you have enough money left to buy a cup. 

Anyone who cares about the U.S. and their families had better call President Obama, senators Feinstein and Boxer, and Gov. Brown and tell them to stop bringing refugees in or settle them only in D.C.

I’m fed up!

Elsa Van Leuven