Letter to the Editor: Street sweeping ticket

Dear Editor:

So the city of Downey has found a new revenue stream, giving parking tickets to parked cars that parked after the sweeper has passed. 

Last Wednesday,I was home recovering from two teeth extractions when I was told the sweeper was coming. I ran out and drove around the block several times as the sweeper made its way to the front of the house. I passed the Parking Enforcement twice as she handed out other tickets. 
A few more turns around the block, and the sweeper train had passed and I parked my car. The Parking Enforcement person saw me park, we made eye contact. I went into the house knowing I had avoided the ticket. The next morning there it was the extortion request clipped to my windshield.

This is yet another reason I will not be voting for a tax increase to fill the coffers even more. This blatant racketeering style of government has to stop.

Thomas Smith