Letter to the Editor: Distortion of facts

Dear Editor: 

I am writing in response to Elsa Van Leuven letter to editor “Trump for President.”

The previous week she said she was “fed up.” I would be to if I heard nothing but half truths and conspiracies theories surrounding a presidential candidate. It is enough to give anyone a headache.

She stated many baseless facts regarding Hillary Clinton. Therefore, I went to one of my favorite websites, Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact, to undercover some truths.

First, she cites the 94 million Americans out of work. Actually, that total is higher: 101.7 million are not working. If you count high school, college students, and retired seniors, of course they are not working. There are actually 148.2 million Americans employed. 

Second, she brings up Benghazi. There have been seven investigations and over $7 million taxpayers' dollars spend on this investigation. The final report states no new evidence of culpability or wrong doing by Clinton.

President Obama requested $2.15 billion for Embassy spending. The House Republicans cut spending by $1.28 million in 2011 and $331 million in 2012 just before the Benghazi attack. Secretary Clinton had warned those cuts would be detrimental to American security. Under President George W. Bush, there were 13 attacks on Embassies with 60 deaths. Where is the outrage here? 

Ms. Van Leuven brings up the Clinton Foundation which supplies HIV medication and helps the poor. Her candidate, Mr. Trump, donated $100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

The United States only produces 2 percent of Uranium. Russia doesn’t have the license to export Uranium outside the U. S. Trump’s remarks are simply false, according to PolitiFact. If anything is disconcerting it's Mr. Trump's constant references to Russia and using the word "regime," a word associated with dictatorships, not the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton does not want to abolish the Second Amendment. This is another false statement from Trump, according to PolitiFact. Gun violence has inflected my family; my younger brother was murdered in Cerritos Mall. I support better background checks. 

Lastly, in regard to her candidate Mr. Trump, sure he has given thousands of people jobs. However, the majority of those jobs are low-paying jobs, suppressing workers into not getting ahead. He has so many plans but all he talks about his Hillary Clinton. He wants to bring job back to America but yet he makes his clothes in China and Mexico. He has discriminated against African- Americans, Mexicans, and Muslims ,certainly not the party of Lincoln. Now he is trying to court the African-American vote to appease the white educated voters. Trump’s speeches are condescending proclaiming that African Americans are all living in poverty. I know of many well off African Americans in professional sports, media, if fact one is President of the United States.

Trump want to build a wall; hard to imagine in a free society. America the home of the free, the brave, and the wall!

Joanne Gallo