Letter to the Editor: Election sideshow

Dear Editor:

While this presidential election has sparked many people’s interests in politics, with the back and forth ranting of Trump and Clinton, it has also caused many to lose faith and hope in our political system.

It seems that the debates have turned into some raunchy reality TV show where the candidates’ only goal is to dig up as much dirt on the other party as possible. It is very disconcerting to turn on the news and only hear mentions of “he said, she said” ranting between the candidates.

Since when did our society become so obsessed with name-calling and unprofessional antics just to create a buzz? It’s about time that our political candidates begin to support their campaign without resorting to degrading the other candidate just to make a point and maybe then we can actually find a good candidate who is passionate about uplifting the American people and preserving our culture while also embracing the cultures of others. 

So when it comes to the mad circus this election has come to, what side of the rope do we pull and hang on to; will we continue to amuse our elephant or our donkey? It becomes a matter of who is willing to lead us and to represent us above all circumstances and leave the bickering behind.

We are worth more than 140 characters of expression and we are worthy of having a leader who continues to represent the American people.

Teresa Voettiner