Letter to the Editor: Social workers as advocates

Dear Editor:

As social workers it is crucial that we are advocates, not only for our individual clients, but also advocates for our community, workplace, and political arena.

It is important that the social work profession take a more active role in advocating for the needs of our society as a whole. In order to do so, we need to take a more active stance in attending political rallies, and participate in political campaigns to aid in electing leaders who will service the people in the communities. In addition, to ensure underserved people are provided with adequate services such as resources for employment and education.

Social workers are advocates by nature and in advocating we are also educators. It is our duty to assist people with voter registrations during family engagement activities. Social workers can educate families on the voting process as well as the need for their voices to be heard by attending campaign rallies and events. In doing so, social workers will not only enhance their own role in the political arena, but enhance the client's right to self determination in playing an active political role in their own communities as advocates for social justice.

Social workers can provide insight to what matters most to marginalized individuals who are in need of services and resources. Providing awareness is key to those who hold political power in order for change to occur. Therefore, social workers can be the bridge to social change in this upcoming election.

Claudia Quijano
The author of this letter is a Master of Social Work student at Cal State Long Beach.