Letter to the Editor: GOP's tax proposal would hurt middle class

Dear Editor:

First, I believe this deceptive "tax reform" being proposed by Republicans is counter-productive and is only meant to serve the rich and the donors.

Tax reform is really doublespeak for tax cuts. Just like Social Security "reform", Medicare "reform", and Welfare "reform", it's Republican establishment 101. President Trump ran a campaign based on helping the "little guy" and the "forgotten man", but how do tax cuts for the rich help them?

It's a classic example of trickle-down economics, championed by our oh so beloved Ronald Reagan. This failed economic theory has been discredited time and time again, most recently in Kansas, which is now in an economic mess thanks to Governor Sam Brownback and his wild experimentation with the trickle-down system. Income inequality has been increasing since the 1980s, the working class has eroded, and now the middle class is feeling the brunt. 

There have been news reports stating that the Republican donors are upset that the party was not able to repeal Obamacare, their "investment" went nowhere. So now the GOP party leaders have turned their attention to tax cuts. Donald Trump made the flimsy promises, the GOP establishment never committed to them, and Trump never meant to help the working class. 

My point is, this deception needs to end. Tax cuts don't help the working class. Sure, he'll throw you a bone by pardoning criminals such as Sheriff Joe Arpaio and dictating what is and isn't free speech to NFL players, but it is abundantly clear that the President still has a businessman mentality and is acting in the best interests of corporations, and not the people.

Edward Valencia