Letter to the Editor: Grieving for America

Dear Editor:

Since after midnight on Wednesday, November 9, I lost a dear friend. Since this is Veteran's Day, a day of remembrance, I thought I should share this story with you.

I and many true Americans lost a dear friend who we loved and cherished. This friend never openly discriminated against anyone. This friend was so kind to every child and person of all walks of life of every race and color and religion, but there were forces deeply hidden that were jealous and resentful of the children.

My dear beloved friend tried with all their might to protect women's rights of their own bodies and individuals who were gay lesbian and transgender to feel welcomed in this land and people who had little to no health insurance to receive assistance.

All this ended when millions of people felt that the these other people (immigrants, poor, disabled, and gay) in need of assistance, acceptance and love didn't deserve anything at ALL.

My dear friend was the United States of America.

I can't stop feeling sad. I cried at my school and cowered alone with only a handful of braved true American's who felt the same overwhelming loss and shame for our country.

My dear Eric, you always have kind words through the years for us readers... what can we do?

I won't salute the flag for now. I will stand and hold my head down and pray. I will pray that the people who are cowering in shame over what they have done to our country realize their mistake and stand up for the children in poverty, the children who I teach who believe that the highest office in the land should be held by a person of true qualifications, not be a racist, homophobic weak man who is a reality TV personality not of the brave substance like our beloved President Barack Obama who made us all feel loved and safe and supportive. Who inspired me To work as hard as I could to give ALL children a safe and excellent education.

Now, many children are threatened and confused by this election. Many women are left feeling they still have no voice, no place to get good health care, under represented in their workplaces and probably not paid a fair living wage. My poorer neighbors and citizens don't feel safe either.

America, do you really believe this con man? I can't say his name or watch him on TV. I will be in full mourning during his coronation in January. It won't be an inauguration. It will be a puppet display for the whole world to look upon this once great nation and shake their heads and wonder what happened to our dear ally the United States of America?

A humble school librarian and resident of Downey,

Julia Desalernos