Letter to the Editor: Nation needs to get a grip

Dear Editor:

In response to the school librarian who admits to crying over Trump's victory, and to all those who refuse to respect our flag, I am sick and sad that especially today, Veteran's Day, their actions demonstrate disrespect for all the sacrifices made for out great country.

As the son of a Purple Heart Veteran and a patriotic American, I feel they should be saluting the flag, and not burning it.

Donald Trump won this election and we need to stand behind him. Instead of breeding hatred, research some of the great things he'has done to help others. None of these stories ever surface. He loves America and wants to give back. He does not need to be famous, nor does he need the money. By taking this job to serve out great country, he has put himself as well as his own family at risk. 

As I read through social media, I am surprised to learn of friends and family members that "need a hug" because of Trump's presidency. Come on people, get a grip. We need to stand together and not let our great county become weak and divided.

Phil Mauro