Letter to the Editor: Keep term limits

Dear Editor:

When the newly-elected City Council is sworn in on Dec. 13, it will be a great day of celebration for the winners. Most will serve four years, and some will serve eight years. 

I would like to remind the new members of the council that one of the main reasons for the elections was the enactment of term limits over 25 years ago. Term limits were passed with over 60 percent of the citizens of Downey in approval. 

I am also reminded that one of the former members of the past City Council, Mr. Mario Guerra, as his first act of being elected to the council was to try to repeal term limits by amending the city charter. In opposition to his self-serving, poorly-written charter amendment was a group of Downey citizen volunteers who were victorious in defeating this amendment with over 70 percent of the vote; a greater number than the original enactment of term limits. 

In retrospect, I don’t deny Mr. Guerra was a devoted member of the City Council during his term. This is manifestly evident by the fact his portrait always appeared at least once in the Downey Patriot. I would like to remind the citizens of Downey and the newly-elected council members that this special election cost Downey taxpayers over $80,000. 

As the author of term limits, I sincerely hope that the new Council will pledge to keep term limits in effect. I wish all the newly-elected council members good luck and a productive term in office; and when the time comes to leave office, they will support and encourage the next elected council.

Joseph Di Loreto