Letter to the Editor: Student protests

Dear Editor:

On November 15, I was following a thread on Downey's Crime Watch Facebook page regarding Warren High School students walking out of school to protest the election outcome.

To sum up the hundreds of comments people were leaving, many people were against it, stating "those kids shouldn't be protesting, they're only kids, they don't know what they are protesting; they only protested to get the chance to get out of school; it's a waste of taxpayer money for DPD to be escorting them; why pay taxes for public school education if the kids are not learning anything; they shouldn't be ditching school, etc."

There were other comments supporting the students' walk-out and protest, and I wanted to share what I wrote in the thread in support of the WHS students:

"I find it amusing that many people here condone this because they are ditching school. How many have you ditched school as a teenager? I know I did.

"From what I read and the videos I've seen of this walk out, I see no problem with it, they are not destroying property, they are not burning the American flag, they are not rioting; it appears to be peaceful. They have the right to freedom of speech, and at least they are doing it with the school's knowledge.

"Teach them while they're young what a peaceful walk out means and what a peaceful protest is. It's a learning experience, maybe this will encourage them to register to vote when they turn 18 and actually vote (considering that many Americans don't register to vote or vote). Perhaps this experience will encourage them to get involved in the community and local politics. Be glad that DPD is escorting them and keeping an eye on them."

After reading the article by Alex Dominguez who covered the story, I am glad to have read that several WHS administrators escorted and supervised the students and that the DUSD allowed the students to exercise their 1st Amendment rights. Good job to the WHS administrators, DUSD and DPD for allowing the students to walk out and peacefully protest; and a good job to the students who organized and participated in the walk out and demonstrated what a peaceful protest should look like.

Don't forget, the younger generation is America's future, one day they will be the ones running the country, let them start shaping their future now.

Guillermo Vazquez