Letter to the Editor: Learning about Hillary

Dear Editor:

After listening to the speeches at the Democratic Convention, I feel so relieved to know we have nothing to worry about except for climate warming, guns and Donald Trump. 

I have learned that Hillary Clinton is a wonderful mother, grandmother, and she hesitated three times before accepting Bill Clinton’s proposal for marriage. 

I have learned from the great orator himself, President Obama, that Hillary made a few mistakes as Secretary of State but these mistakes are OK and part of her learning experience: four lives lost in Benghazi? “What difference does it make?” Storing emails on her private server and then deleting 30,000 emails? “What’s the big deal?” 

Thank you, Bill Clinton, Tim Kaine and President Obama for enlightening us on the real Hillary. I know now that she is Sister Theresa incarnate, and with her purity in her heart and honorable intentions, under her leadership in the Oval Office, our country will be safe, ISIS will be abolished in a couple of days, racial tensions will continue to not exist, and everyone under the Affordable Care Act will love paying premiums in California with increases jumping from 16.4 to 38.6 in 2017. How affordable is this? 

Hillary’s supporters with heartfelt, tearful eyes rejoice in having a female president, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in the Oval Office. All the little girls can look up in admiration to her and hope in their hearts to do the same regardless of fraud and a few “minor” mistakes.

Martha Morrissy-Call