Letter to the Editor: Missing python

Dear Editor:

My husband and I adopted a beautiful, friendly, albino Burmese python a few years back. We named him Babs and although most people view snakes as scary or creepy, we loved him and treated him just like any other pet.

Babs is a very well-behaved snake and loves attention from people. Unfortunately, Babs escaped while we were moving to our new home. We didn't notice he was missing until we were 60 miles away!

That night, September 28, we received a phone call from our Paramount neighbor and close friend. He told us that SEAACA found Babs and we could pick him up at the shelter the next morning.

Come the next morning, SEAACA has no idea what we're talking about and doesn't have our snake. Our neighbor, along with other witnesses, told us one member of SEAACA was praising our snake and taking pictures with him. Our neighbor described Babs perfectly and was sure that the people were from SEAACA because of their uniform and vehicle.

So did a member of SEAACA keep our snake for him/her self? Did they kill our snake? Something happened and we don't feel good about it. 

When I called SEAACA about what happened, they kept transferring me and giving me the run around. I spoke to a supervisor who, in my opinion, was very incompetent. I got nowhere with him so I decided to reach out to the community.

A few neighbors back in Paramount have pictures and videos. I don't have their contact information so I'll be making a visit to them soon and hopefully I can get to the bottom of this.

Kassandra Dennis