Letter to the Editor: No more Rush Limbaugh

Dear Editor:

Journalism and the community would be better served if irrational and inhumane Republicans like Rush Limbaugh were not allowed to voice opinions uncontested.

Yes, he and local conservatives too have every right in this country to be heard. Any dog can bark. We are hearing them on the television every day. But it is important to balance ridiculous opinions with intelligence. It would give the newspaper some some semblance of credibility and has been here in the past.
The second article on the opinion page -- a philosophy diametrically opposite to that of Limbaugh, by Peter Montgomery — is a good counterpoint to Limbaugh’s article. Even more than rational and humane, it is factual. In times of great difficulty such as we live in now, it is important to maintain and support voices of reason.

It is Important to contest every voice that undermines credibility and humanity. It is important to refuse to feed the basest instincts. Tragedy is often born of hysteria.
Rush Limbaugh, like the Tin Man, could use a heart. And a proof reader. Hopefully, in the future, The Patriot will not give him the stage and spotlight uncontested.
Roy Anthony Shabla