Letter to the Editor: Rush Limbaugh

Dear Editor: 

I guess on the subject of Rush Limbaugh, we can mark Guillermo Tejada, Guido Rivero, and Anita Rivero, down as "Undecided/To Be Determined".

I would hope that the Op/Ed penned by Rush was not their first exposure to his personal philosophy that he's been publicly espousing since the late-70's via his syndicated radio show (with the largest listener-ship in radio-history BTW), but that they have actually taken the trouble to listen to his show (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon, at 1150AM). They may learn that he's not quite what his detractors say, and entertaining - which, of course, is the secret to a multi-decade record of success in radio.

You know, many of us don't particularly care for the almost weekly column by Lee Hamilton - the retired Congressman from Indiana (D). But we certainly don't go ballistic over what he pens, even though in his career in Congress, he gladly voted for virtually every Big Government program that came down the pike - programs that increased the taxes and regulatory costs (by the way, Jorge Montereo, it is the cost of government regulations that has driven the scarcity and resulting cost increases of housing in California, not the numbers of new residents. We used to be able to accommodate the influx handily until the Regulatory Costs composed over 1/3 of the price of new housing) of all residents and citizens of the USA.

And the same holds true for Mr. Jim Hightower of Texas, whose political experience was as an aide to Senator Ralph Yarborough (D-TX), one of the strangest Senators to come out of the Lone Star State; and as a two-term elected Agricultural Commissioner in TX - regulating tumbleweeds is tough work, isn't it Jim?

Drew Kelley


Dear Editor:

After reading the responses to your publication of the Rush Limbaugh article, I needed to write in.

I think a large part of our problems come from not hearing and considering other peoples points of view equally. I do not consider myself a "liberal" or "conservative" and think a middle ground is the only sensible choice.

Thank you for printing something that may not align with everyone's beliefs but could offer some new points to think about. Thank you.

Danny Barajas