Letter to the Editor: Sales tax and Trump

Dear Editor:

Re: the sales tax increase going on the November ballot. If it were not for the disgusting Democrats in our state government releasing thousands of criminals (AB 109), we wouldn’t have so much crime. 

And if it weren’t for our federal government releasing illegal prisoners and not returning them to their own country, we wouldn’t need so many police. But what difference do laws make to today’s politicians as long as we are politically correct? 

I want to thank Mayor Alex Saab and Councilman Sean Ashton for voting against the 1/2-cent sales tax increase. Could someone explain to me why when the City Council wants to do something, they have to hire outsiders to accomplish it? After reading about the $83,000 being paid to “educate” the public on raising the sales tax, I could not believe it. Do they really think we’re that stupid? Maybe that’s because so many vote to put the same elected officials (federal and state) back in office over and over again. 

I’m not using Common Core math, just the old-fashioned math, but I figure it would take the sale of merchandise in the amount of $16,600,000 to recoup the money paid to Fairbank, Maslin, Metz and Associates. But if it loses at the ballot box, the city will lose $83,000. 
I sincerely believe I could explain to the people this increase by saying “you’ll have to pay 1/2 cent more tax when you buy merchandise, etc.” It might have to be translated into other languages, but I see no problem with that. Perhaps this group was hired not to explain but to sell this to people. Let’s keep it honest. 

I’ve always wondered why public employees are not on Social Security as the private sector is. Guess it’s like Obamacare. It wasn’t good enough for the people who voted for it. Maybe they should look at the $123 trillion our government is in debut for unfunded mandates. 

Now re: Mr. Laurence Brown’s letter (“Liberal Letters,” 3/24/16). It was excellent! In the past few Downey Patriots, I’ve read three articles by “Other Word” writers. I’n not stumping for Trump, but comparing Trump’s rallies with the fascist rallies of Mussolini is disgusting. No one is forcing people to attend his rallies. I noticed the author, John Kiriakou, didn’t mention MoveOn.org and closing down the freeway at Phoenix so people couldn’t go to Trump’s rally. Had Mr. Kiriakou had the intelligence, he’d realize Trump draws crowds because the public is weary of the lies, deceit and empty promises of those in office. 

Elsa Van Leuven