Letter to the Editor: Tony Mendoza deserves due process

Dear Editor:

As someone who has lived and been civically engaged in Downey for a long time, I am particularly disturbed by the unfair treatment of State Sen. Tony Mendoza by some politicians in Sacramento.

Given the current climate of workplace environments, it’s particularly critical that we afford anyone who has been accused of discretions the opportunity to present the facts via a thorough and complete investigation. Everyone is entitled to due process, and the ability present his/her side of the story, even an elected official.

The allegations against Senator Mendoza occurred years ago. However, none of the accusations involved any form of touching. In fact, none of the accusers have suggested any form of bodily contact.

At most he has been accused of making someone feel uncomfortable. That makes me very suspicious, but that aside, we should not be quick to judge without allowing both sides to be heard. 

I am really interested in the truth to these allegations as are many of my neighbors. However, it would be wrong for us to rush to judgment or come to a conclusion without the benefit of the facts. To do so would be the ultimate wrong and speak ill of us as a society raised on the concept of truth and fairness (innocent until proven guilty). 

Sen. Mendoza has always been there for our community and has always been a dedicated family man. I have always considered Senator Mendoza a man of honor and has represented our majority Democratic district well.

Let’s ensure due process for Sen. Mendoza and afford him the fairness that any of us would demand if we were in his position.

Betty Monroy