Letter to the Editor: Walmart shopper

Dear Editor:

I too shop at Walmart (I live just blocks from the Paramount store built on the site of the old Rosecrans Drive-In) when I need those “now” essentials - but that store has always been a mess. 

When I need something more, I too have gone to the store on South St. west of the old Douglas Aircraft site, or I go to the one at the Cerritos Town Center - both stores are much more pleasant to shop in.

As to being “...promised a Nordstrom’s, and getting a Walmart...”: How can you reasonably expect a relatively up-market retailer like Nordstrom’s to locate here when we don’t even meet the demographic standards required of a Trader Joe’s? That was always a fool’s dream.

And for those who continually harp on “Wally-World”, and the people who shop there: Stop being such snobs!

Remember, all of us, at any time, can be reduced in station by unknown circumstances.
“There but for the Grace of God go I!”

Drew Kelley