Letters to the Editor - No homes downtown

Dear Editor:On the front page of last week's paper, John Perfitt, economic develoment director, said the city of Downey is recommending building high-density apartments or condominiums where the Avenue Theatre or the Verizion building are. ("Perfitt Reiterates Goals for Downtown," 2/13/09) Creating more high-density living quarters in Downey is turning it into a ghetto. That's what "projects" and "clown houses" do. Downtown Downey is for businesses, not homes. What city staffer would raise his family in a high-density building in Downtown Downey? The quality of life should be a priority over the quantity of life. Every summer we're threatened with water shortages. Packing more people into Downey in a high-density building will make our water shortage worse. For those who act like we can do something about an alleged "global warming," what do you think happens when you take away grass and space and put in concrete? When the sun hits concrete heat is increased. - El Bee, Downey ********** Published: February 20, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 44