Pieloon reopens after fire

DOWNEY - Following a nearly six week-closure, Pieloon Restaurant, located at 10822 Lakewood Blvd., is now open after a small attic fire scorched portions of the landmark eatery last month.Saul Haro, owner of the nearly 40-year-old restaurant, said he remains grateful that the blaze only damaged the exterior of the building, allowing the business to reopen just in time for Christmas. "We were closed for about a month and a half, but now we're up and running again," said Haro. On Nov. 6, Downey Fire Department investigators determined that the fire was electrical in nature, ignited by faulty florescent lighting in the eaves. Haro, owner of the restaurant since 1995, had the wiring replaced. "The insurance company covered all that," he said. "And with their help I was able to pay all my employees while we were shut down. We didn't lose one employee - everyone came back, and they're all happy to be back right before Christmas." Haro said he was surprised when the restaurant filled up shortly after the doors opened on Saturday. "It was a pleasant surprise - we were busy," he said over the phone. "I thought 'who's going to come?,' but they came. We've received phone calls, letters from the community…now basically, we're asking our customers and friends to come back and support us." Next year, the restaurant will be close two to three weeks for additional repairs to the structure, Haro said. No specific dates were given. -Christian Brown, staff writer

********** Published: December 30, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 37