Pollution problem

Dear Editor:In his letter to the editor ("Just Relax," 10/28/10), Ernesto Flores stated the following: "I then read 'Remember to Scoop.' Really? Dog poop equates to water pollution? So he is saying our pollution problems in the water are due to dog waste? He has a lot more research to do before I, first, stop laughing and, second, believe we can help the water contamination problem by removing dog waste from our backyards and from our walks around the block." I regret that Mr. Flores missed the intent of my letter. It was not to say that dog manure is our only pollution problem, but rather to inform the citizens that pet owners need to be more responsible when walking their pets. Several days a week, early in the morning, I walk, picking up trash, removing graffiti, and removing illegally posted signs. With these many hours spent on the streets of Downey, you might say I am an expert on some of the problems in our city. I see it walking versus driving in a car. Wouldn't it be nice to think dog manure was our only pollution problem? -- Byron Dillon, Committee member, Keep Downey Beautiful

********** Published: November 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 29