Sad to see Vons go

Dear Editor:I am sad to see Vons go. I am a relative newcomer to Downey. I have lived here for just over seven years. In that time I have shopped all the grocery stores in town. I settled on Vons and made them my main source for groceries. Prices were part of that decision, but with sales and coupons, and discount cards, a person can always find a product cheaper at another store if you are willing to drive around like a maniac to get the best deals at all the different stores. But I chose to shop at Vons mainly because of the customer service. They were the best! Their employees always greeted you when you came in the store and always took the initiative to assist you. Rarely could you pass one of their employees in the aisle without them asking if they could help you find something. They not only told you what aisle a product was in, but most of the time actually walked to the aisle with you to make sure you found it. They were pleasant and often took the time to visit a bit. It felt like a small-town grocery and I felt like they valued me as a customer and a person. I read that Vons would be placing the employees at other stores. I sure hope so. In my experience of 35 years of shopping for groceries in several states and many cities and several stores right here in Downey, they were some of the best in the industry. I will miss Vons and their employees. -- Candie Blankman, Downey

********** Published: November 4, 2010 - Volume 9 - Issue 29