Anaheim woman vanishes taking a walk in Downey

DOWNEY - Mike Brooks hasn't seen or heard from his daughter Lacey in what seems to be the longest 44 days of his life. "She left a note saying she was going for a walk - she didn't come back," he said fighting back tears. "It's very frustrating not knowing where she is...she hasn't contacted any of her friends, which is unusual for Lacey," Brooks added. "We don't know what else to do."

Hoping to broaden their search effort, friends and family of Lacey Brooks are calling on the public to help check local hospitals, post flyers, and report any leads concerning the whereabouts of the 35-year-old Anaheim resident who mysteriously vanished in Downey on Nov. 29.

"We are trying to stay positive and find her, but some days are better than others," said Linda Kricfalusi, Lacey's mother, who filed a report with the Anaheim Police Department the day her daughter went missing.

"Lacey had been living with me, but she was staying with her dad the morning she left to go for a walk," Kricfalusi said. "She loves to travel and does like to be off by herself, but she would always send a text or give me a call. For her not to come back at Christmas is out of character."

According to police, Brooks was last seen leaving her father's home in Northeast Downey on foot around 10:30 a.m. on Nov. 29. Taking her I.D., but leaving her cell phone behind, Brooks, who is 5'5" and about 100 pounds, wrote a note saying she was going for a walk and would return home later.

Lacey had recently spent time at Dennis the Menace Park in Downey and may have gone to the park to walk.

"I thought she was in her room resting," said Mike Brooks.

Family members think she might be wearing a grey fleece sweatshirt, dark blue or light grey leggings, and grey tennis shoes. She may also have a cream-colored ski hat on.

Police have not found any reason to believe there was foul play involved.

Last month, it was falsely rumored that Lacey had been found, but the mistake occurred when Downey Police closed the case internally before passing it to Anaheim Police Department.

"She could be north, west, east, or south - we don't know," said Mike Brooks. "The biggest problem is getting information from the hospitals. Phone records are extremely difficult to get too. It hampers our search."

Nonetheless, Kricfalusi thanked those who have volunteered their time to forward missing posters and contact local media about Lacey's disappearance.

"Lacey's friends around the world have been tremendous. Their help gives us a lot of support," she said.

Mike Brooks, a lifelong resident of Downey, said the family has also hired a private investigator to comb through e-mails and phone calls in search of any clues.

"This is very, very difficult...we don't know where to go from here," Brooks said. "I don't know what everyone could do, but prayers would help."

To report any information regarding the disappearance of Lacey Brooks, please contact the Anaheim Police Department at (714) 765-1900.

********** Published: January 10, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 39