Downey rose float seen by millions

DOWNEY - Having won a trophy (be it the Founder's Trophy or the Lathrop K. Leishman) for its floats each of the past four years, it was only natural for the members and volunteers-averaging 300 a day commencing the day after Christmas--of the Downey Rose Float Association to expect a fifth consecutive winner. After all, the same imaginative team (Thom Neighbors, Jason Redfox, Jeff Shadic, and current DRFA president Kelley Roberts) that was responsible for winning another Founder's Trophy last year also dreamed up this year's design, "Dew Drop By." The association had lavished the same loving care as was their wont all these years and decorated the float this year with 4,000 orchids and some 12,500 roses, along with thousands of square feet of marathon grass and moss as well as other materials-with a value totaling $22,000-and costing $12,000 to construct.

But, alas, there was no high-fiving this time as DRFA's float entry, "Dew Drop By," depicting a field of fairies, failed to impress the Tournament of Roses judges.

As the saying goes, "You can't win 'em all." The cycle which governs the Tournament of Roses Committee of Pasadena schedule will begin anew, in a week or two, with the announcement of next year's Rose Parade theme. DRFA in turn will call for the submission of entries in consonance with the theme. The three best ideas/designs picked out by DRFA will then be forwarded to the Pasadena tournament committee, which will pick the best design of the three.

After this has been determined, a new round of float construction will begin with the actual shaping of the next float in April.

Association officials and members will in the meantime also continue their never-ending round of fundraising, including raising funds through such hugely popular activities as the Miss Downey Pageant, concerts in the park sponsorships, etc. Thus, before you can blink an eye, it will be time to fashion a new float. It will be time to think of submitting another winning entry.

The DRFA 2013 float is now displayed in front of the Embassy Suites Hotel, its roses and orchids for sale, along with float-related memorabilia. It will be parked there till this Friday, Jan. 4.

********** Published: January 3, 2013 - Volume 11 - Issue 38