Downey Fire

Dear Editor:I have lived in Downey since 1969. This is my home and where I work and volunteer many hours of my life. I think it's outrageous that our fire department wants to turn county. ("Downey Firefighters Allege Discrimination, Harassment," 12/26/13) Citizens of Downey want our own fire and police departments. I don't understand why citizens are beating up our outstanding fire chief, Lonnie Croom. He is an outstanding citizen that is looking out for our best interest. I've had to call several times for an emergency and have always been thankful to our fire department. They have saved my life many times. And why is that? Because we have our own fire department. There are county jobs if they want to take them. I say go if you are unhappy. Why is it a few big mouths have to ruin it for everyone? We are lucky to have Lonnie Croom and I say leave us alone. Jan Scott Downey

Dear Editor: I'm fairly certain if I told my boss that I had no confidence in his ability to lead our company, I wouldn't receive a promotion either. So why are Downey firefighters surprised? Jason Ardalani Downey

Dear Editor: After the Downey Firemen's Association files its inevitable lawsuit and loses, will the union reimburse the city for its legal fees? The union's tort claim sounds like a desperate attempt to drag their fire chief through the mud in order to favor sympathy from the community. I'm not buying it, and neither should other residents. Brian Ganim Downey

********** Published: Jan. 2, 2014 - Volume 12 - Issue 38