Marilyn Tuggle was Girl Scouts, PTA volunteer

Marilyn Tuggle passed away April 18 at age 79.

DOWNEY – Marilyn Blake Golden Tuggle passed away from advanced dementia in Corona/Eastvale on April 18. She had just celebrated her 79th birthday. 

She was born in Toledo, Ohio on April 5, 1936 to William Overand Reid Blake and Thelma Mary Fackelman. William, Thelma, Marilyn and her sister, Martha Reid Blake Honeycutt, moved to South Gate around 1948.

Marilyn was married in 1954 to Richard Wilde Golden, and resided in South Gate, then Downey.  
In 1970 she married Shelby Willard Tuggle.   In  1991 they sold the Downey home and moved to Murrieta.

She is survived by six of her seven children: Dawn Golden McCollum, Jennifer Golden Dicorato, Laura Golden French (deceased 2003), Julie Golden Hagen Skillman, James Golden, Monica Golden Scebba, Sean Tuggle, and stepson James Tuggle.  Marilyn had 16 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

She was active with the Brownie and Girl Scout organization, the Camp Fire Girls organization, and the elementary and junior high school PTA’s in Downey.

While raising seven kids in Downey, Marilyn worked as a waitress at Hyatt House in Commerce, Frantone’s Italian, and Isle of Delos in Downey.  She also catered at many weddings and banquets for several years.  

Once immersed in the Murrieta area, Marilyn worked at Vincenzo’s Italian, and at the London Fog outlet in Elsinore.  Her last paid position was as a Trader Joe’s food demonstrator in Temecula.

A family memorial will be held in Corona.