Alternative Medicine: Intuition

In my practice, intuition is often referred to as an inner GPS or gut feeling guiding our every decision and step. All living creatures without exception posses this God-given treasure. Many of the clients I see express the sense of lacking or not being able to tap into their intuition. They feel it’s only their imagination at play.

The reality is that as long as we inhabit a human body we are subject to emotions, feelings, thoughts and our whatever our environment is. These play a key factor in our ability to tap deep within ourselves and embrace the treasure that is intuition. We are creatures of habit, driven by emotions. The majority of decisions are made based on our emotional state. This can be a double edge-sword. Finding the balance is the key. 

We are bombarded daily by swift marketing targeting our emotional state. A car commercial utilizes the phrase, “ Now you can be as cool as your friend in your new car”. For many, this simple yet effective phrase targets people who may be going through a difficult self-esteem patch. People in this emotional state of being are numb to the intuition that is and has always been there. Therefore they believe they posses zero ability to trust their gut feeling, their inner lighthouse. 

I’ll share two effective exercises that will enhance your ability to tap-into and trust your intuition.

The first is learning how to stop and step back from emotionally driven decisions. We tend to get carried away in the moment to possibly later regretting whatever decisions where made. When a situation arises and those feelings bubble up, stop yourself from making any decision immediately. Focus on your breathing; slowly inhale and slowly exhale. Do this for a minute or a few minutes. Ask yourself if the decision you need to make is the proper one for you.

Here is where step number two comes in. As we internally question ourselves gently focus on your belly button. This is one of the energy centers that express intuition. It’s often called the powerhouse. Observe this area as you continue to question and focus on your breathing. If your navel area tightens up this is a sign that whatever you are about to do may not be the proper decision for you. Hence the opposite. When the navel area simply flows it is the sign you are on the right track. 

I recommend you practice with minimal decision making until you feel comfortable taping and trusting your built in intuition. This by no means in meant to replace proper and logical decision making, especially those related to health and overall wellbeing. 

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Marcela A. Arrieta is an alternative modality practitioner with over five years of experience in this field. She is also a successful entrepreneur who resides in Downey.